“Sharing Cultures, Celebrating Friendships”, Hyson Green Cultural Festival Main Event 2018, by Penny Cooper, HGCF Committee member

We are to hold our fifth Hyson Green Cultural Festival Event on 28 July 2018, between 12 noon and 6 pm.  Our theme for the Festival this year is “Sharing Cultures, Celebrating Friendships” and we look forward to forging new friendships with all participants at the Event, please feel free to shake our hands, let friendships be forged.  I myself have made many friends over the period I have been a volunteer on the Committee.

Well, we have now become a yearly expectation and we find ourselves being approached by you the public to hear when it is next to be held, in anticipation of a fun filled day for all the family, bringing together different cultures in and around Hyson Green.  We have always had lots of activities for the children, face painting, arts and crafts, sports, with music and dancing to entertain everyone.  There are stalls of varying types, including food stalls which offer a taste of various differing cultural flavours from local participants, and this year we are trying to promote our youth engagement, by looking at the music, gaming, sports such as boxing and so much more still to be devised.

Did you know that the Hyson Green Cultural Festival Committee which ever you prefer, was initiated by three people who live in and around Hyson Green.  Three friends who got together and determined that holding a Festival was a really good idea, to share in the traditions and cultural differences that make up the residents of Hyson Green and surrounds.  Between them they considered that Hyson Green was a special place and there was so much to learn about each others neighbours, the food, traditional celebrations and music, why not bring these together in the form of a festival.  A natural choice for the Festival to be held was the Forest Fields grounds, making it a short walk for many to an afternoons enjoyment.

We have developed the Festival over the years taking on board the views of our participants, all comments are valued.  We have created a Health Corner, which offers a free opportunity for visitors to the Festival to participate in free assessments.  We have available the Mojatu magazine to hand out which covers stories and events about our Hyson Green Communities, looking at issues such as Modern Day Slavery and Knife Crime, both issues very much in the news of late.  I personally love the sounds which come from the stage, from our musical artists, and we are always surprised.  Last year for the first time we had a Mongolian dance troupe, they were amazing, so much fun.  If you have not participated previously, then come along and give us a try, and if you are revisiting we welcome you again to our Festival.

We hope to see you there, remember 28 July.  Food will be available there, or you can bring a picnic.  We look forward to meeting you.

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